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Athreon strives to be the best voice-to-text option to help organizations streamline their information management processes and deliver maximum return on investment.



Highly-successful companies have leveraged outsourced transcription and speech to text services for decades.

Mission & Vision

Athreon specializes in converting speech to text in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. We provide a blend of highly-skilled labor that is supported by cutting-edge technology. Our objective is to deliver affordable and accurate documents as quickly as possible. We improve business processes and deliver maximum ROI with customized information management solutions that encompass dictation, transcription, speech recognition, system interfaces, and document management solutions.

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Many professionals choose to work with Athreon because they know we won’t nickle and dime them. Plus our unique pricing model helps reduce overall documentation and technology costs. Athreon clients can leverage a variety of options to help deliver maximum ROI.

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Since 1988, our list of satisfied clients has grown a lot. Here are remarks from some of our happiest clients…

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