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Athreon can deliver fast and efficient general surgery transcription services for a broad range of healthcare specialties. Since 1988, we’ve been delivering personalized medical transcription services that save our clients time and effort. By combining a highly skilled labor force with state-of-the-art technology, we deliver affordable and accurate documents, usually within 24 hours.







Skilled Transcriptionists With a Passion for Excellence

Our team of general surgery transcription professionals includes experienced, well-trained transcriptionists who are passionate about what they do. We carefully screen each transcriptionist and put them through a rigorous selection process to ensure they possess the necessary skills and a sincere commitment to attaining excellence.

With an average of 15 years of experience, you can count on an Athreon transcriptionist to deliver an accurate document in a timely manner.

Six Areas of Quality Focus

At Athreon, we pay close attention to six key areas to ensure the highest levels of document quality:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Format
  • Content
  • Demographics
  • Full audio review (to ensure the recorded dictation matches the transcribed text)

What’s more, you can also elect to have every transcribed document undergo a three-level quality assurance process to verify its accuracy. This differs from many of our competitors where the completed document is often delivered directly to the client without an additional quality review. You’ll also be able to edit and approve your documents offline or online.

Advanced, Customizable Technology

Athreon’s capabilities include an extensive array of customizable technologies that can be adapted to your practice’s specific workflow requirements. We offer multiple technologies and processes that can reduce general surgery transcription costs, including speech recognition, qualified text, and free headers and footers. We can also provide no-cost Electronic Health Records interfaces that allow you to spend less time in EHR databases and more time delivering patient care.

Top-Notch Security to Meet Today’s Stringent Requirements

If security issues have made you reluctant to outsource general surgery transcription services, Athreon can alleviate your concerns. We’re a HIPAA/HITECH compliant company that adheres to all current federal regulations to secure Protected Health Information (PHI). We always place the privacy of our clients’ patients at the forefront.

Learn More About Our General Surgery Transcription Services

Contact Athreon to learn more about how our accurate, cost-effective transcription services can benefit your surgical practice today. You’ll receive an initial consultation at no charge.