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Mission & Vision

Learn who Athreon is, what we stand for, and where we’re headed. We’re excited to have you be part of our journey.



Athreon’s Mission – Where We Are Today

Athreon specializes in converting speech to text in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. We provide a blend of highly-skilled labor that is supported by cutting-edge technology. Our objective is to deliver affordable and accurate documents as quickly as possible. We improve business processes and deliver maximum ROI with customized information management solutions that encompass dictation, transcription, speech recognition, system interfaces and document management solutions.


Athreon’s Vision – Our Future

Year after year, Athreon will remain a frontrunner in speech to text innovation, deliver personalized service and address the mission-critical documentation needs of industry at large.

Athreon’s Core Values – Our Guiding Principles

  • We are committed to conduct our business in a transparent and ethical manner.
  • We are committed to conduct every transaction with the utmost care.
  • We are committed to remain accountable for all our actions.
  • We are committed to listen to and act upon feedback from clients.
  • We are committed to treat coworkers with the highest regard and respect.
  • We are committed to support the communities we conduct business in.
  • We are committed to allocate our resources in a responsible manner.