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Obstetrics and gynecology healthcare practitioners often face the challenge of efficiently managing the time-consuming clinical documentation process, while also spending enough time with patients. Athreon offers advanced OB/GYN transcription solutions featuring a user-friendly EMR/EHR interface that provides enhanced transcription speed and accuracy. Our OB/GYN transcription services are also HIPAA-compliant to ensure your patients’ sensitive information remains private and secure.

We’re an OB/GYN Transcription Company That’s Easy to Work With

If you have concerns about outsourcing your OB/GYN transcription service, Athreon can put your mind at ease. With services such as transparent billing, online account management and electronic signatures, we make outsourcing as easy and hassle-free as possible. What’s more, we don’t impose term contracts on our clients, which means you’ll only have to pay for OB/GYN transcription services on an as-needed basis.

You Can Always Count on Us to Deliver High-Quality Work

Athreon is an OB/GYN transcription company that is serious about delivering the best possible quality to our clients. Our transcriptionists come from some of the finest training schools in North America and have an average of 15 years of relevant speech to text experience. They have a strong understanding of the unique terminology related to various OB/GYN conditions such as ectopic pregnancy, hirsutism, and endometriosis.

You can also elect to have your documents undergo additional levels of quality assurance review to verify accuracy in areas such as spelling, grammar and formatting — and if you end up finding any errors in your document, we will correct them at no extra cost.

Multiple OB/GYN Dictation Options Available

Athreon gives you the flexibility to choose the OB/GYN dictation option that best complements the way you work. Available dictation methods include telephone, smartphone, digital recorder, PC microphone and dictation server interface. You can also use our mobile iPhone and Android OB/GYN dictation apps to have the freedom to perform seamless, secure speech to text dictation even if you’re away from the office or on the go.

Get the Benefit of Fast OB/GYN Transcription Services

At Athreon, we understand the importance of receiving your transcribed voice to text documents as quickly as possible. That’s why we offer next-day turnaround times for most OB/GYN transcription projects. You can also select from a wide variety of convenient delivery options including secure email, fax and remote printing.

Contact Us to Get Started Today!

Contact Athreon today to learn more about our reliable, cost-effective OB/GYN transcription solutions. We’ll also be happy to provide a no-obligation OB/GYN transcription service quote.