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Athreon is a trusted pathology transcription company with extensive experience in this highly specialized healthcare discipline. Our pathology dictation and transcription solutions can reduce the time you need to spend in your EMR/EHR system, allowing you to devote more time to patient care. What’s more, outsourcing to Athreon can actually lower your speech to text costs without sacrificing quality.

We Offer Technologically Advanced Pathology Dictation and Transcription Solutions

Athreon uses multiple voice to text technologies and processes that make pathology transcription and dictation much more efficient and cost-effective. Our speech to text solutions can be customized to meet the requirements of your operation, regardless of size or scope.

One example is our wide range of digital pathology dictation options that represent a significant upgrade over old-fashioned analog methods. You can also use our mobile dictation apps that enable you to dictate securely, even if you’re out of the office or on the go.

No Worries About Security and Privacy

Speaking of security, we take extensive measures to protect your patients’ sensitive information. As a HIPAA/HITECH-compliant pathology transcription company, we’ve developed and implemented a comprehensive security review initiative encompassing critical areas such as data encryption, data back-up, audit trails and secure physical access to our facility and data center. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your patients’ personal data will remain private.

Fast Turnaround Times and Superior Quality

At Athreon, we understand there are times when you need your transcribed documents in a hurry. You’ll have the comfort of knowing that we offer rapid turnaround for most projects — and our fast service does equate with inferior quality.

Our capable transcriptionists average approximately 15 years of relevant experience and make quality their primary focus. Additionally, all projects are eligible for a multi-level quality assurance review to ensure superior transcription results.

You’ll Find It Easy to Work With Us

We work hard to eliminate any hassles when outsourcing pathology transcription and dictation. We don’t impose term contracts on our clients, which means we have to work hard every day to earn and retain your business. Our user-friendly online account management features give you greater control over your documents. You can even select from multiple delivery options including secure email, fax and remote printing.

Contact Athreon today to learn more about how our vast array of pathology transcription and dictation solutions can help you work more efficiently and lower your voice to text costs.