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Are you a psychologist who is in need of prompt and reliable transcription/dictation service? Outsourcing psychology dictation and transcription to Athreon can provide the cost-effective solution you’re looking for. Athreon has more than a quarter of a century of experience in helping psychologists and other healthcare professionals save time and work with greater efficiency. By streamlining the speech to text process, you’ll likely spend less time in your EMR/EHR and more time working with your clients.

We’re a Quality-Focused Psychology Transcription Company

Athreon’s close attention to quality begins with our experienced, well-trained transcriptionists who have a thorough understanding of the terminology that is commonly used in the psychology specialty. Our transcriptionists are committed to producing precise, error-free documents that exceed our clients’ expectations. What’s more, every document we transcribe is eligible for multiple levels of quality assurance review — and if you find an error in your document, we’ll be happy to correct it at no additional cost.

Multiple Dictation Options Available

We offer a vast array of user-friendly dictation options, making it easy to find the one that complements the way you work. Available methods include telephone, smartphone, digital recorder, PC microphone and dictation server interface. You can also download our innovative mobile apps to your Android smartphone or iPhone to add the advantage of mobility to the dictation process.

We Offer HIPAA-Compliant Psychology Transcription Solutions

Maintaining HIPAA/HITECH compliance is paramount for any healthcare-related organization or practice these days. All of our psychology transcription services adhere to all relevant HIPAA guidelines regarding privacy and security. For instance, our secure systems feature 128-bit data encryption. We’ve even implemented our own in-house team to ensure we keep up with the constantly changing HIPAA requirements.

Outsourcing Your Psychology Transcription Service Can Save You Money

Another important benefit of outsourcing to our psychology transcription company is that it can actually be less costly than performing speech to text functions in-house. Because we don’t impose term contracts on our clients, you’re free to use and pay for our services only when you actually need them. And with our transparent billing that gives you the option to pay on a per-line or per-character basis, you’ll always have a clear picture of how much you’re actually paying for our voice to text services.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Psychology Transcription Solutions

Discover the many benefits that Athreon’s transcription service can provide for your psychology practice. Contact us for more information and a no-obligation price quote today.