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Athreon provides prompt and reliable radiology transcription solutions that are trusted by hospital radiology and imaging departments and healthcare providers across North America. Our radiology transcription services are also affordable and offer the flexibility of transparent billing on a per-minute or per-character basis.
What’s more, we feature the most technologically advanced transcription and dictation processes that will save you time and minimize your costs.







Excellent Radiology Transcription Service Begins With Capable Transcriptionists

Athreon focuses on recruiting well-trained, highly-experienced transcriptionists who have a keen understanding of the specific terminology that applies to the radiology specialty. On average, Athreon transcriptionists have more than 15 years of relevant experience, and many have earned highly coveted professional designations. We also make every effort to ensure the transcriptionists we hire are sincerely committed to producing top-quality, error-free documents.

Choose a Multi-Level Quality Assurance Process

While some Athreon radiology transcription clients prefer to have their documents delivered as soon as the transcription process is completed, others want the benefit of an additional quality review. You’ll have the option to send each of your documents through our stringent quality assurance process, featuring two additional levels of review. Specially trained QA analysts will ensure your document is free of errors and ready for delivery. In the unlikely event you find a typo in your delivered document, we’ll correct it at no additional charge.

A Radiology Transcription Service Provider That’s Easy to Work With

All Athreon clients experience unmatched levels of personalized service. You’ll be assigned a dedicated account representative you can contact whenever you have questions or concerns. There are no restrictive term contracts to deal with, and you can choose from an extensive array of flexible document delivery options.

We Implement the Most Stringent Security Measures

The use of Electronic Health Records has raised concerns about patient privacy. As an Athreon radiology transcription client, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we go to great lengths to protect personal data. We’re also a HIPAA/HITECH compliant company that adheres to all current regulations to secure Protected Health Information (PHI). Additionally, all patient data is stored and processed on our own servers in a secure data center.

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