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Urologists require a transcription service that’s capable of understanding the unique language and terminology that applies to this healthcare specialty. Athreon, a leading provider of accurate and affordable medical transcription solutions since 1988, has the specialized expertise that urologists demand. We offer an array of targeted urology transcription services that provide an unbeatable combination of speed and efficiency.







Transcriptionists That “Speak the Language” of Urology

Athreon can also match you with an experienced, well-trained transcriptionist who has extensive knowledge of the urology specialty. Our thorough screening and selection process ensures that we hire the most qualified transcriptionists who have a passion for delivering documents of the highest quality.

The average Athreon transcriptionist possesses 15 years of experience and many have attained professional certification, which validates their expertise and demonstrates their ongoing commitment to excellence.

Quality at the Core

Our unwavering focus on quality begins with our close attention to six key areas. These include:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Format
  • Content
  • Demographics
  • Full audio review

What’s more, you have the option to send your documents through additional levels of review to verify the quality of the finished product. We’ll also alert you to any discrepancies in your dictation. And if you happen to come across a typo in your document, we’ll gladly fix it for free.

The Latest Urology Transcription Technology

By implementing the latest, most innovative technology, our team can save you time and keep transcription and dictation costs low. Our scalable and customizable technology and processes can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your practice. Examples of available technologies include speech recognition, qualified text, and free headers and footers. We also offer free Electronic Health Record interfaces that will minimize the time you need to spend in EHR databases.

Next-Day Turnaround and Other User-Friendly Features

In most cases, you’ll receive your transcribed document within 24 hours via one of several convenient delivery options. You can also choose to be billed by the character or by the minute, whichever meets your preferences. The absence of term contracts means you can use our urology transcription service whenever you need it, without having to make a lengthy commitment. Athreon is a HIPPA/HITECH compliant transcription company that adheres to all federal regulations to secure Protected Health Information (PHI).

Contact Athreon today to receive a no-cost, no-obligation urology transcription service consultation.